Abercrombie & Fitch Gets a Brand Readjustment


Let’s be real, sometimes there are things that just piss you off so much that you have to jump into action, and this week it’s Abercrombie’s turn to feel the wrath of public scorn.

Here’s the story. Business Insider did a story about A&F and their policy not to sell clothes in plus sizes. In the article, they mentioned a 2006 interview with CEO, Mike Jeffries, where he very candidly said that his line of clothes is for cool, thin, attractive kids and anyone else is purposely excluded, which is backed up by the fact that A&F doesn’t sell anything in a size that real people can wear. I guess that interview didn’t get much attention in 2006, but it is now. Let the backlash being.

There have been protests. People have sent clothes back to the retailer with letters of disapproval. But the absolute best idea was started by an LA writer and filmmaker, Greg Karber

Genius! Seriously. What could be better revenge than distributing Abercrombie’s clothes to a group no retailer covets; the homeless. Not only is he doing something good and giving back, he’s also reshaping the brand image from cool and elite to the official brand of homeless apparel in one fell swoop.

I think this is an idea we can get behind, and if you look up #FitchTheHomeless on Twitter you’ll see that it’s catching on. My favorite? “Wishing I had some Abercrombie clothes to donate to the homeless!”  Me too honey, me too.


Let’s Get Viral!


Hey hey! It’s Wednesday and this week I want to share some great videos that are going around.

The first is the story of a hero, Charles Ramsey. You’ve probably heard of him by now. He’s the guy who found and rescued three women who had been held captive for over 10 years in Cleveland  And, of course, in traditional Internet style, his comments have been autotuned. Check it.

Another video I found this week, thanks to our own Sheska, is Mom Retells the Matrix. Seriously, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen.

It’s almost as good as this one:

I die! I don’t know how many times I had to pause this because I couldn’t hear over my laughter. If you need some cheering up, make sure you watch this one.

That’s it for me. Hope you have a great week! J

You Can’t Stop US.

WWWWednesdays copy2

As we all know, this week there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon. Instead of going into why someone would do something so despicable, because face it, most of us aren’t crazy enough to understand and never will be, I want to talk about the super cool n’ awesome actions people around the nation are taking.

First are the runners who kept going to donate blood after the race. You are all amazing and an inspiration to all of us. And if they can do it after running 26 miles, we’ve got no excuse.

Then, we have the Google doc going around with a list of people who are offering food, phones, and places to stay. This is amazing. So many people feel completely lost when something like this happens, but having support from total strangers can help them work through their grief.

Next is the Mr. Roger’s quote that’s going around.


Even though he’s gone, Mr. Rogers is still showing us that we should always stay hopeful and be kind.

I’ve also found a number of marathons for Boston, like this one that took place this morning in LA  https://www.facebook.com/events/360152760756747/.  Runners are a tight-knit group so I’m not at all surprised that they’ve organized these events, but that doesn’t make them any less wonderful for doing it.

Lastly, there are also a lot of people organizing their own events to raise donations, like Pubs for the Hub: An Online Auction for Boston  http://pubsforthehub.wordpress.com/. This is being run by a friend of mine and I love the idea. And this is only one of these kinds of events that are happening all over the country.

Our hearts go out to everyone who attended the Boston Marathon. America is very good at coming together in times of crisis, and I’m glad to say that this time is no different. So give you blood, your money or your time and show the people of Boston that we’re here for them and we’ll help them get through this.

Let’s Get It… For Free!!!


This week, we’re going to talk about my favorite F-word. That’s right, Free!!! I LOVE freebies. My friends even make fun of me for it, but I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff just for filling out a form. And I really don’t care that they’re selling my info, that’s what the spam button is for!

logo_bzzagentOne of my favorite sites for free stuff is Bzzagent.com. My good friend (another Michelle) introduced me to this site a few months ago and it’s amazing! You don’t get little samples, they send you full-size products to try out in exchange for reviewing them, and it’s so easy. You take some surveys to see what you qualify for and then you get an email asking if you want to opt-in on an offer. I’ve gotten full boxes of cereal, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, and an oil infuser! And I’ve put up bad reviews and I keep getting to try things.


Another good place is Free Stuff Finder. I follow them on Facebook and they post offers several times a day. It’s usually for something little, like a sample of lotion or a packet of Emergen-C, but it’s still free. They also list a lot of sweepstakes and contests. I don’t think many people enter contests anymore, but I keep winning.

logo-yumyum2And the last free sites I want to share with you don’t give you a thing. They are freekibble.com and freekibblekat.com. This project was started in 2008 by a little girl Mimi with the belief that “Every dog and cat deserves a decent dinner”. Basically you answer a question on each site per day, and regardless if you’re right or wrong, they donate 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters throughout the US. It’s a great cause, and you can sign up for daily reminders so you don’t forget. And be real, you’re already online and a click from you is a meal for a pet.

As always, have a Super Cool n’ Awesome week and go get some free stuff!

Thanks A Lot, Jerks.


I had written a wonderful and cheery post discussing gay marriage and the fact that soda consumption is down, but instead I will be sharing something more personal.

An Open Letter To The Guy(s) Who Broke Into My House.

Dear A-hole(s),

I hope you’re enjoying your spring break, and I know that my wonderful collection of plastic jewelry will only help to further your springtime fun. Jerk. For once, I’m glad that I’m not well-off because the effort you made to get into my house was totally not worth it for what you got. The jewelry box that you broke as you shoved it into my pillowcase was my mother’s and played, “Michelle My Bell” which was kind of incredible because she had it longer than she had me, but you won’t get anything for it.

The one thing I am upset about is losing my engagement ring. That hurt bro. But as we traded it for a radio at a pawn shop many many years ago, and it is slightly broken, I doubt you’ll get more than $50 for it.

But there is one bright spot. As you sifted through my things, my one pair of diamond earrings fell into a shoe, so the most valuable piece I own is still mine. It won’t replace my first pair of hoop earrings or the concert ticket stub from the first show Adam and I went to together, but it does make me feel a little better. And I know you aren’t reading this, A. Because you aren’t Super Cool or Awesome, and B. You probably don’t know how to read, you degenerate. But you know what, you didn’t hurt my family and things are just things. I’ll pray for you to make better choices while simultaneously hoping that karma kicks in.

To everyone else, have a great week, don’t let little things get you down, and stay safe.

All We Do Is Win



Hey hey! Another crazy week’s gone by and man, am I tired! This past weekend my bestie got married in Key West, yesterday I went to see Deftones on South Beach, and on Friday my brother and his crew are flying in from Seattle. AND, tomorrow my new Roomba should arrive. I may be more excited about that than anything else. Seriously, the Roomba’s the ish. If you hate cleaning or are allergic to your pets like I am, this thing is a lifesaver!

So I just found out about a really cool event going on at FIU’s Wolfsonian this Friday called All About Graphic Design.


It looks like it’ll be really cool, and at most it’ll cost you ten bucks. I’ll be busy with my fam, but if you have the time and are interested in graphic design or advertising, check it out.

And of course the big news in Miami is The Heat, and for once I’m not talking temperature.


Twenty-three wins in a row is big news. Even people who don’t care about basketball are taking notice. It also helps to bring a community that can sometimes feel very segmented and isolated together, but then again The Heat are great at doing that both on and off the court. Seriously, they are the one team here that’s heavily invested in the people, and specifically the youth, of South Florida. Of course, this record-breaking season just makes people that don’t live here hate Miami more, but to be honest we don’t care. We can’t hear you over all this winning.

Ok everybody, have a great rest of your week and Go Heat!

Science and Science Fiction


Hey everybody! Another Wednesday is upon us and I’m back. Sorry for missing last week, I was so overwhelmed with Hugo Chavez dying… ok, I let being tired win. My bad.

This week, it’s all about science. Or last week was as I’m finally getting up to speed. Anyway, look at what’s been going on in the world.


Yay science! But there is something sad I must mention. I was reading comments on this picture on Facebook and saw, “it’s too bad none of this stuff will get funded because it’s not a hot political issue and doesn’t seem immediately profitable.” This seriously pissed me off. If we don’t fund science we might as well go back to the middle ages and wash out clothes with stones in the river and ride our horses everywhere (if we can afford any). We are so immersed with scientific discoveries, often disguised as “technology,” that we don’t even think about it. Right now, I’m using a laptop that uses all kinds of microprocessors and memory to allow my to type this. I don’t know how it works, but I do know the science behind it was being researched before I was born.


Now from science, we move to science fiction. I’m soooooo excited because yesterday I got my copy of Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey!!! I read it for free on Kindle and it was so good that I bought it. And a 500 page book for eight bucks is quite the deal. I think the first book in the series is still available free on Kindle (Omnibus is made up on 5 short books for one awesome story. It’s a post-apocalyptic world where everyone lives in a gigantic silo and the air outside is toxic. And then it get crazy. I’m a big sci-fi fan, and like many sci-fi fans I’ve been disappointed in the stories coming out today. This one is the exception. I have a feeling it will be listed among other great sci-fi classics, and I don’t think it’s planned but I hope they make a movie.

That’s it for me! Hope the rest of your week is Super Cool n’ Awesome! 🙂