What the Health?

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A few weeks ago, I watched the documentary What the Health on Netflix. I really only watched about 20 minutes of it, but that’s all I needed to form an opinion and write about it here. This documentary was created to inform us that everything we are currently eating is cancer, unless you are a full-Vegan (or plant-based vegan).

What I learned from watching about 20 minutes of this doc is that there are two types of people in this world, (1) those who get cancer, and (2) those who die before they realize they’ve got cancer.

According to the doc the animals we eat are filled with tons of carcinogens inside of their bodies, which is why every week on Facebook there’s a new article posted by some dum dum, that says “[This type of meat] gives you cancer!”

I gave the Plant-based, full-Vegan diet a thought, but then realized that I can’t take meat, fish, dairy and all of the other delicious things out of my life. I love pizza, tacos and Pretzel M&M’s! They did mention in the doc that human’s are the only animals that drink other animal’s milk, which when you say it like that it does sound kind of weird. We drink everyone’s milk: cow’s milk, goat’s milk, almond’s milk, coconut’s milk, soy’s milk and so many others. Most of these don’t even sound like actual milk.

What the Health also mentioned that the Health industry is trying to kill us. They feed us all of the unhealthy food to get us sick and treat us with their expensive drugs. This part I do believe. The drug cartels invented the food pyramid to get us sick and cure our diseases with their expensive drugs!

The health industry is kind of like that book or movie where the mom is feeding all the kids just a little bit of poison, so she can take care of them while their sick, because it makes her feel better. I think that’s a book or movie I’ve seen. If anyone knows the name please let me know in the comments. Maybe it was an episode of Dexter, or just part of the plot of Crimson Peak?

The reasoning behind all the animals having cancer in their bodies is because the animals are breathing in smoke and pollution from nearby factories. Guess what, What The Health, we are breathing in that same air, so we already have the cancer inside of us. If that’s the case, I’m going to continue eating my normal diet, but I may add some Plant-based meals here and there. And if I do it’s because I want to, and not because you told me to!

I don’t think I will ever finish watching the rest of the documentary because I already got what I needed out of it (this 500 word Learning). So thank you, What the Health. Now it’s time to go back to Life in Pieces and GLOW on Netflix.


*If you have any Netflix recommendations please comment below, that or if you know the movie or book I was talking about. Was it Misery?

**One more thing, I was going to talk about Joaquin Phoenix and his last documentary (or Mock-umentary, I’m Still Here), where he tricked us all in to believing that he had gone off the rails. Also, I am no scientist, doctor or food specialist, this is all based on my opinions after watching just 20 minutes of this documentary.



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You know how sometimes you’ll be looking at shoes or some kind of product online on your computer during the day. Then, later that night you’ll be on Facebook or some website and see a banner ad for the exact product you were looking at earlier, telling you, “You can save 10%, but don’t wait, order now!” But you don’t do it. Then the next day you look at the website again and that night the same banner ad pops up, telling you now you can save even more. That’s called “Targeting” and “Retargeting” in Advertising.

Studying and working in advertising, I learned a few things. The main thing I learned is companies are always watching. Especially today, with all of our “Social Media” they know exactly what we want, since they own all our info and data. I’m not talking about identity stealing info (even though they probably have that too). I’m talking about them knowing Our favorite products. What posts we comment on. Our favorite movies, books and tv shows. Who are friends are. Our birthday’s. And much more stuff about our everyday life. Companies know more about you than your best friend does, and that’s pretty creepy.

The other day, Amazon, which is one of my favorite companies, went beyond creepy. Just like most of you, I buy many things from Amazon. I like them because they do tend to leave me alone (although I’ve always imagined that they were secretly watching from the sideline, waiting to use all the data they’ve been collecting at some point).

As many of you Amazon shoppers do, I tend to leave my SHOPPING CART empty, but my SAVE FOR LATER completely full at all times (waiting for any time that I have some extra money to blow on stuff I really don’t need). I also use my SAVE FOR LATER to add-on an item or two whenever I have to buy something from Amazon. I know I get FREE SHIPPING with Prime, but it feels wrong ordering just one item. SAVE FOR LATER is also great, because you can check your cart ten times in one day and you’ll get price change notifications on items in your SHOPPING CART and SAVE FOR LATER, each time.

So, what did Amazon do that was so creepy? Last week, I woke up one day and started exploring on Instagram. After the first few posts I got a “Sponsored post” from Amazon. Amazon basically showed me a scrolling wheel of images featuring all of the strange items in my SAVE FOR LATER. I scrolled through the Amazon Ad collage and saw: BB-8 droid with Force Band (which has been in my cart for months), Resident Evil 7 (which I’m waiting for a significant price drop on), PStv, Star Wars Art Book and Westworld (the original movie). All items that have been in my SAVE FOR LATER for months, and are still there today.

Does Amazon think that I’m made of money? If I was, then these items wouldn’t be in SAVE FOR LATER, they would be in my SHOPPING CART, ready to be bought and shipped. SAVE FOR LATER is for wishers, the SHOPPING CART is for closers. I’m a wisher. It’s fine to put one of those items I’m wishing for in my ads, Amazon. But to make an ad with all my items is just creepy, and also it must be expensive for you.

Maybe it was the timing, I had just woken up and started my in-bed Instagram stroll to see what’s going on with my friends. Then Amazon pulls this move on me? Now I’m thinking wait, is this real or am I still dreaming? Is this some kind of nightmare?

Oh well, at least now I don’t have to feel bad for all the times I was able to get free stuff from Amazon’s mistakes (my Wii U, No Man’s Sky…). Thank you for everything Amazon, but please go back to the way you were and stop creeping. I’ll buy those items when I’m good and ready. I don’t even know if I want all of them. Some are just there so I don’t forget they exist.

FIRST BASE IS HARD (That’s what she said…)

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Last night, my co-ed adult softball team had their 3rd game, my 2nd (I missed the first one because I was too busy eating Pringles and drinking beers on the sandy beaches of Siesta Key).

We won our first game, the one I wasn’t a part of. I think it’s because I wasn’t there that we won. I am definitely the Bambino of this team. I can make some good plays, but I’m the cursed player that won’t allow us to win as long as I’m around. That’s ok with me though, I’m not there to win, and neither is about 80% of my team. We’re just there to have a good time and go drink beer and eat bar food at Sandbar afterwards.

Last week, during my first game the whole team was there, so I was able to sit on the bench for a few innings which was nice and relaxing. When I did go in I mostly played the outfield and even caught a fly ball that I definitely thought I was going to drop. I’m pretty sure everyone thought that. In the end we lost, pretty badly. We celebrated the game at Sandbar though and I won in pool and the hook on the wall game, so I went 2 for 3. Not bad for my first week of softball.

Last night, I had to play first base, because our other possible first basemen or women were not there, or don’t exist. I think I did an OK job, except for the time I ran into a girl’s face (more on that later). It wasn’t my fault, but it kind of was. There’s too many things you have to think about when playing first base.

It all starts with the batter. You have to watch them at all times, and make sure that if they do make contact it doesn’t come your way. If the ball starts flying in your direction it’s panic mode, which is how I ran into this poor girl’s face with my face.

The girl was a righty, so I thought, she won’t hit it to me. I was wrong, she must have hit the ball at a weird angle because it rolled right at me. I had to move away from the bag to get it, so I then ran full speed at the base to tag it and make the out. When I started towards the base I was looking straight down to make sure to get my foot on it. I didn’t look up again until it was too late.

When I picked my head up I noticed that I was about to run straight into this woman, who was running at full speed at me. We collided on the base and I’m pretty sure she did a Willie Beamon “Any Given Sunday” flip before landing on the ground. I helped her up and told her I was sorry about 23 times. She was out, so I guess something good came out of that. I made the play.

On to the next one, once the ball has been hit you have to make a decision. (a) Do I go after the ball, or (b) do I run to the base and wait for someone to throw it at me? It all goes by very quickly, there’s no time to think. Then, if you run for the ball you have to remember to run back to tag the base, and also try not to crash into the runner, as I did in the first step.

If you ran to the base you just wait. Wait, and hope someone makes a good throw to you. About 61% of the throws to first are ok, but those other 39% are tricky and can really hurt someone, especially me. Playing first base is like playing paintball, except instead of small balls filled with fake paint someone is throwing a large softball at you, which isn’t very soft at all.

If you successfully make the catch someone is out, unless they are really fast and already made it to the base, but that’s not where it ends. Now you have to look around and make sure other runners aren’t pulling any shenanigans. Check home. See if anyone is running there. Look at the rest of the bases. Look back to the guy on first, if that person is there.

All good, throw it to the pitcher and start all over again. Overall, I think I was an alright first baseman and I would do it again if they needed me to. I may need some practice for racing to the base without smashing into the runner.

I think next week we will get the W! Or we won’t and we’ll still go to sandbar and catch Pokemon after the game.

I basically just explained how baseball works, but I do have a lot of foreigner friends who may not know. I hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll be back next week with more learnings and stuff.

Smell ya later…


Good Music is for Spark Seeker! ;)

Today is Tuesday, and if you’re a good “crazy for music” person as I am, you know that Tuesday means (at least here in the US) new music coming out. So what’s new coming out today? Yes, Yeezus, Kanye West new album! Great. -.-

There, I talked about it, now let’s get over it, because it’s not worth enjoying it anyway. The album is disturbing, annoying, egocentric, scary, profane, and completely unattractive from the sound to the package (that literally has nothing! So if you like buying the cd at least for the visuals… forget it).

Done… Now let’s go to what I really want you to Just Listen!


About a year ago, this album was released, and crazy me just found out about it yesterday (what planet have you been, Wallace?).

I always liked Matisyahu, since “Youth“, which to me is still an anthem. You also have probably heard of “Jerusalem” and “One Day“. Well… he is known for blending traditional Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip-hop, and also for being a young dude with a long beard making him look kind of old. Now… wait for it… something changed a little bit in both areas.

He still has awesome songs as always, but somehow he brought all that roots into today’s era and everything sounds waaaaaay more modern and somewhat futuristic. All that reggae now have also a more electronic and pop approach, very rich production with a happy vibe, and lyrically still very spiritual but more subtle and reflective instead of pure preaching. I can totally see some of this tracks getting people excited at a club for example. I can jump to it.

He sounds younger and looks younger too. He took the beard off, which was kind of hard to recognize him at first when I saw the video, and in my mind I imagine him passing by the mirror and saying to himself, “Oh… Look at that! I was a cool looking young dude and didn’t even know! let’s see if I can sound like that too…” and BOOM: Spark Seeker!

Why should I listen to Spark Seeker instead of Yeezus?

First of all, because you can smile while you listen to it, and you’ll do it naturally. And you’ll do it while dancing. And you’ll have nice dreams when you go to sleep. Positive music for positive thinking minds.

1 – Crossroads – Starts with a hebrew prayer going into a middle eastern reflective very zen sound and then, BANG! slap you in the face with some pop electronic! that’s what it’s about folks. Now you know what to expect from now on.

2 – Sunshine – Magic!!! Here’s the reggae vibe we’re used to with a hint of 2012-pop-mainstream-hip-hop-electronic-whatever-you-wanna-call-it. Enjoy the clean face Matisyahu in the excellent and positive hit and video below.

“Reach for the sky

Keep your eye on the prize

Forever in my mind

Be my golden sunshine”

3 – Searchin – Looking for beatboxing? Then you can stop searchin… I mean… no… PLAY  it! (ok, lame joke but I had to do it). Hip-hop time with robotic sound and crazy beat! 😀

4- Buffalo Soldier…No I’m not a Rasta. Or a Bob Marley cover. It’s an awesome track, again with some robotic sound, but it feels so right! You always wanted some reggae to be like that and didn’t even know it.

5 – Fire Of Freedom – This one is a little bit (I said A LITTLE BIT) more traditional reggae with Matisyahhu signature on it. Of course you can still enjoy some electronic keyboard here too.

6 – Bal Shem Tov – That’s a banger! I really wish he had done an official video for this song.  It’ll be so cool! But he did perform acoustic versions of some of the tracks of the album and it does sound really cool, but I love the production of the studio version of this song. Check it out on Spotify. And if you wanna watch the acoustic version click here.

7 – I Believe In Love – Slow down here, and jam with it. Close your eyes, and get into the groovy voice saying “I’m on my waaaaaaaay to you”.

8 – Breathe Easy – Ok… now wake up from the last song and change everything. Now say goodbye to every little piece of reggae you thought you’ll listen and just go straight pop-electronic here.

9 – Summer Wind – That one brings back more beatboxing, and add some violins to the mix with a hebrew singing, and some woman chanting a little bit. Since last track went waaaaay too far on the crazy mode pop sound, this interlude serves as a reminder that he is still that classic Matisyahu we know, just experimenting some new stuff.

10 – Live Like a Warrior – Another great hit song that can be an awesome anthem to sing along and be happy about it. Go ahead! 

11 – Tel Aviv’n – I think this one is an expression on how he really liked to record this album in Israel. And maybe what it caused to him. Bring back the dance pop electronic beat and dance to this one. That’s the one I told you before that would get you excited at a club for example. There’s a point in this track that you almost swear he’s gonna drop the beat to a dubstep bridge. But don’t worry, he doesn’t. Instead he finishes the song back with that classic middle eastern sound.

12 – King Crown of Judah – This is crazy masterpiece! Let me see how I can describe that. It has an arabic melody in the beginning, and those middle eastern chanting too. Then he drops some sick beat to go along, and on top of that it comes some super cool early 90’s style rap from Shyne, then the chorus goes all arabic stuff again. Crazy Awesome!

13 – Shine On You – Back to normal. Here we can experience some Sax! Yes! Also some caribbean melody! Very island like!

You can get the album on iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify, or here on SCnA on the “Just Listen!” tab here on the left column of the page while you read the rest of our content!



Let’s go to St. Lucia

St. Lucia

If you like 80’s music and Duran Duran for example, welcome to the present and meet St. Lucia!

I love old music, so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that whoever attempts to bring those old times back and make it cool and modern is my best friend forever and I want them to meet my family. That’s as serious as it gets. St. Lucia is a very awesome example of this.

So, this guy (yes, this one guy behind this one-man band, Jean-Philip Grobler) showed up for real last year, with his debut EP, which you can see the artwork above and my crazy review below, it envolves a very nostalgic feel with a modern electronic synth-pop. To start comparing and making crazy associations, I can only describe it as if Duran Duran was reborn in 2012 and told everybody else to shut up because they all suck. And he pretty much did that at least in South Africa where he’s from and his last single September surpassed the success of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”.

But before we get to “September” and the expectation on how awesome the debut album is gonna be when it’s finally out, let’s focus on this self titled EP that got me hooked since the first time I saw an acoustic video of “Closer Than This” (you’ll see below).

How is the album?

It’s great, obviously! that’s why I’m talking about it. DUH!

1. We Got It Wrong – In spite of the name, he actually got it super right. The song is a huge album opener bringing little by little the 80’s back with all it’s pop-synth-modern-super-cool-choir-driven-vocals-nostalgic-OMG-what-the-pixel-is-that kind of sound. 😀 . Get it? 

2. The Old House is Gone – We can see here maybe why the “band” was named St. Lucia. I’m pretty sure this has a hint of caribbean sound and islands vibe. 😉

3. All Eyes On You – Let’s be super duper sweet sugar romantic here that sounds very 80’s lollipopish. I dare to say it has a little bit of Blondie with a hint of Hall & Oates. Delicious mix for an afternoon with your babe watching the sunset laying on a hammock at the beach. PS.: Speaking of sweet stuff, here’s an eye candy commercial from Victoria Secret featuring the song. 

4. Before The Dive – Is by far my favorite track. Super modern compared to the previous tracks at a first glance. It starts with a keyboard and evolves to a pretty groovy feel that incorporates the already known island vibe to it, and if you make a little effort you’ll notice a little tiny bit of a reggae influence. But don’t fool yourself, this track is very current and relevant! Beautiful video too! 

5. Paper Heart – This one is a “just ok” song out of them all. I mean… it makes sense with the whole of the album, but by itself I could just skip it, and wouldn’t miss it. (What?? I don’t need to love everything. C’mon… nobody is perfect) Yet, it is a good song, just not a stand out. It’s calm and clean and a bit moody. Makes sense.

6. Closer Than This – The first song I ever heard from them and the one that made me look deeper into “what else can I get from them?”. If you want to go back in time “I’ve got a feeling we will never get closer than this”! 😀 . Sorry, I just had to use the pun. Anyway… listen for yourself. The album version of the song of course is fantastic, but the video below was actually the video they made, an acoustic and at home kind of style, which was the one that I saw at first and loved it, and then I heard the album and loved it even more. 


That’s it! Just listen, and enjoy! The EP is available on iTunes and you can also listen in full on Spotify. If you don’t have spotify then… WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?

I Love You. Too


The fact is, music is Super Cool n’ Awesome, so it’s about time we start talking about it here in this website, right? I’m glad you agree. I can’t stop talking about music anyway, so there, get ready for an overload of crazy reviews from me! 😀

I’m gonna start this week with a cd that I just got on my mail today (Yes. I still buy physical cds, and I’m super proud of that). The name of the band is The Neighbourhood who just released their debut album I Love You. on April 22 of this year.

There’s something mysterious and relaxing about their sound that gets you hooked up in trying to figure out what exactly you feel about it (because you don’t know) while you just sit on your couch looking at the ceiling. That’s how I can describe it. Their visual style is very well thought and appropriate, in my opinion. Every graphic, every picture and video are all in black and white, simple and iconic. What could be more intriguing than symbols? Well… press play laying on your couch looking at the ceiling and try to figure out that too.

The first single of the album is the amazing Sweater Weather, that I dare you to listen to it only once (believe me, I tried. It’s impossible. I Got to the absurd of listening to it 15 times in a row).

How about the rest of the album?

Just as awesome a sweater weather itself. (I do love winter)

1. How – They couldn’t start the album in any better way than this. For 10 seconds you wonder if you have really pressed play or not, but yes you did. They’re just building the momentum for what’s up to come.

2. Afraid – Now that you’ve been introduced to what they’re about, they are more comfortable to start the song a little faster and even cuss at you (try to ignore that if you can). The song is awesome though. 

3. Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) – I would call these first 3 songs of the album a perfect trilogy. This song, even though it’s bit (I said a bit) slower, it carries the same modern mysterious vibe the first two have been building, and prepare the listener to…

4. SWEATER WEATHER – Well… you’ve heard it in the first video above, right? Masterpiece. brings you to another nostalgic place that you don’t know where it is but you would love to be there (laying on the couch looking at the ceiling try to figure where). And just when you think there’s no way the song would get any better than this, it does at 2:49 of the song, introducing you to an even more chill side of them they show on the album for the first time so far.

5. Let It Go -Wake up again to this. At this point you already know their style, but let’s be a bit more agressive, and this track it’s the closer you get to a little rap (!), but not really. 

6. Alleyways – Another switch here. A very heavenly start leads to a quite modern beat to what sounds like an awesome song to just walk on the street exuding power staring at people like “Oh yeah, I walk and stare at you, and I don’t care”. Oh… at 3:08, pause… tie your shoes but dont lose the eye contact, because in a couple seconds…. YOU’LL WALK AGAIN! 

7. W.D.Y.W.F.M? – Another heavenly start for what is my second favorite song in the album. The initials stand for “What Do You Want From Me?”, which I answer with a loud “MOOOOOOOOOORE!!!” ;D 

8. Flawless – Picks up from where the previous song left off, making it even more passionate to increase the flow of the story. 

9. Female Robbery – Ok… switch again. Now get ready for some haunting and dangerous sound they bring with this track, to a point that if I close my eyes I feel there are ghosts making noises around me. Still a good song. 

10. Staying Up – Since we’re talking about haunting sounds, what’s more creepy than after a ghostly song you hear those little baby lullaby music that we hang on cribs for babies to sleep? Don’t worry that’s just the intro, the song picks up.

11. Float – And picks up again. You dont want to finish listening the album in a scary mood right? They didn’t want that for you either, that’s why this song is quite happy and ends on a high note, right before they gently carry you from the couch to your bed to sleep nicely hearing a couple seconds of acoustic guitar and the ocean on the background.