Good Music is for Spark Seeker! ;)

Today is Tuesday, and if you’re a good “crazy for music” person as I am, you know that Tuesday means (at least here in the US) new music coming out. So what’s new coming out today? Yes, Yeezus, Kanye West new album! Great. -.-

There, I talked about it, now let’s get over it, because it’s not worth enjoying it anyway. The album is disturbing, annoying, egocentric, scary, profane, and completely unattractive from the sound to the package (that literally has nothing! So if you like buying the cd at least for the visuals… forget it).

Done… Now let’s go to what I really want you to Just Listen!


About a year ago, this album was released, and crazy me just found out about it yesterday (what planet have you been, Wallace?).

I always liked Matisyahu, since “Youth“, which to me is still an anthem. You also have probably heard of “Jerusalem” and “One Day“. Well… he is known for blending traditional Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip-hop, and also for being a young dude with a long beard making him look kind of old. Now… wait for it… something changed a little bit in both areas.

He still has awesome songs as always, but somehow he brought all that roots into today’s era and everything sounds waaaaaay more modern and somewhat futuristic. All that reggae now have also a more electronic and pop approach, very rich production with a happy vibe, and lyrically still very spiritual but more subtle and reflective instead of pure preaching. I can totally see some of this tracks getting people excited at a club for example. I can jump to it.

He sounds younger and looks younger too. He took the beard off, which was kind of hard to recognize him at first when I saw the video, and in my mind I imagine him passing by the mirror and saying to himself, “Oh… Look at that! I was a cool looking young dude and didn’t even know! let’s see if I can sound like that too…” and BOOM: Spark Seeker!

Why should I listen to Spark Seeker instead of Yeezus?

First of all, because you can smile while you listen to it, and you’ll do it naturally. And you’ll do it while dancing. And you’ll have nice dreams when you go to sleep. Positive music for positive thinking minds.

1 – Crossroads – Starts with a hebrew prayer going into a middle eastern reflective very zen sound and then, BANG! slap you in the face with some pop electronic! that’s what it’s about folks. Now you know what to expect from now on.

2 – Sunshine – Magic!!! Here’s the reggae vibe we’re used to with a hint of 2012-pop-mainstream-hip-hop-electronic-whatever-you-wanna-call-it. Enjoy the clean face Matisyahu in the excellent and positive hit and video below.

“Reach for the sky

Keep your eye on the prize

Forever in my mind

Be my golden sunshine”

3 – Searchin – Looking for beatboxing? Then you can stop searchin… I mean… no… PLAY  it! (ok, lame joke but I had to do it). Hip-hop time with robotic sound and crazy beat! 😀

4- Buffalo Soldier…No I’m not a Rasta. Or a Bob Marley cover. It’s an awesome track, again with some robotic sound, but it feels so right! You always wanted some reggae to be like that and didn’t even know it.

5 – Fire Of Freedom – This one is a little bit (I said A LITTLE BIT) more traditional reggae with Matisyahhu signature on it. Of course you can still enjoy some electronic keyboard here too.

6 – Bal Shem Tov – That’s a banger! I really wish he had done an official video for this song.  It’ll be so cool! But he did perform acoustic versions of some of the tracks of the album and it does sound really cool, but I love the production of the studio version of this song. Check it out on Spotify. And if you wanna watch the acoustic version click here.

7 – I Believe In Love – Slow down here, and jam with it. Close your eyes, and get into the groovy voice saying “I’m on my waaaaaaaay to you”.

8 – Breathe Easy – Ok… now wake up from the last song and change everything. Now say goodbye to every little piece of reggae you thought you’ll listen and just go straight pop-electronic here.

9 – Summer Wind – That one brings back more beatboxing, and add some violins to the mix with a hebrew singing, and some woman chanting a little bit. Since last track went waaaaay too far on the crazy mode pop sound, this interlude serves as a reminder that he is still that classic Matisyahu we know, just experimenting some new stuff.

10 – Live Like a Warrior – Another great hit song that can be an awesome anthem to sing along and be happy about it. Go ahead! 

11 – Tel Aviv’n – I think this one is an expression on how he really liked to record this album in Israel. And maybe what it caused to him. Bring back the dance pop electronic beat and dance to this one. That’s the one I told you before that would get you excited at a club for example. There’s a point in this track that you almost swear he’s gonna drop the beat to a dubstep bridge. But don’t worry, he doesn’t. Instead he finishes the song back with that classic middle eastern sound.

12 – King Crown of Judah – This is crazy masterpiece! Let me see how I can describe that. It has an arabic melody in the beginning, and those middle eastern chanting too. Then he drops some sick beat to go along, and on top of that it comes some super cool early 90’s style rap from Shyne, then the chorus goes all arabic stuff again. Crazy Awesome!

13 – Shine On You – Back to normal. Here we can experience some Sax! Yes! Also some caribbean melody! Very island like!

You can get the album on iTunes, or listen to it on Spotify, or here on SCnA on the “Just Listen!” tab here on the left column of the page while you read the rest of our content!




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