Let’s go to St. Lucia

St. Lucia

If you like 80’s music and Duran Duran for example, welcome to the present and meet St. Lucia!

I love old music, so I’m just gonna go ahead and say that whoever attempts to bring those old times back and make it cool and modern is my best friend forever and I want them to meet my family. That’s as serious as it gets. St. Lucia is a very awesome example of this.

So, this guy (yes, this one guy behind this one-man band, Jean-Philip Grobler) showed up for real last year, with his debut EP, which you can see the artwork above and my crazy review below, it envolves a very nostalgic feel with a modern electronic synth-pop. To start comparing and making crazy associations, I can only describe it as if Duran Duran was reborn in 2012 and told everybody else to shut up because they all suck. And he pretty much did that at least in South Africa where he’s from and his last single September surpassed the success of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”.

But before we get to “September” and the expectation on how awesome the debut album is gonna be when it’s finally out, let’s focus on this self titled EP that got me hooked since the first time I saw an acoustic video of “Closer Than This” (you’ll see below).

How is the album?

It’s great, obviously! that’s why I’m talking about it. DUH!

1. We Got It Wrong – In spite of the name, he actually got it super right. The song is a huge album opener bringing little by little the 80’s back with all it’s pop-synth-modern-super-cool-choir-driven-vocals-nostalgic-OMG-what-the-pixel-is-that kind of sound. 😀 . Get it? 

2. The Old House is Gone – We can see here maybe why the “band” was named St. Lucia. I’m pretty sure this has a hint of caribbean sound and islands vibe. 😉

3. All Eyes On You – Let’s be super duper sweet sugar romantic here that sounds very 80’s lollipopish. I dare to say it has a little bit of Blondie with a hint of Hall & Oates. Delicious mix for an afternoon with your babe watching the sunset laying on a hammock at the beach. PS.: Speaking of sweet stuff, here’s an eye candy commercial from Victoria Secret featuring the song. 

4. Before The Dive – Is by far my favorite track. Super modern compared to the previous tracks at a first glance. It starts with a keyboard and evolves to a pretty groovy feel that incorporates the already known island vibe to it, and if you make a little effort you’ll notice a little tiny bit of a reggae influence. But don’t fool yourself, this track is very current and relevant! Beautiful video too! 

5. Paper Heart – This one is a “just ok” song out of them all. I mean… it makes sense with the whole of the album, but by itself I could just skip it, and wouldn’t miss it. (What?? I don’t need to love everything. C’mon… nobody is perfect) Yet, it is a good song, just not a stand out. It’s calm and clean and a bit moody. Makes sense.

6. Closer Than This – The first song I ever heard from them and the one that made me look deeper into “what else can I get from them?”. If you want to go back in time “I’ve got a feeling we will never get closer than this”! 😀 . Sorry, I just had to use the pun. Anyway… listen for yourself. The album version of the song of course is fantastic, but the video below was actually the video they made, an acoustic and at home kind of style, which was the one that I saw at first and loved it, and then I heard the album and loved it even more. 


That’s it! Just listen, and enjoy! The EP is available on iTunes and you can also listen in full on Spotify. If you don’t have spotify then… WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM?


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