I Love You. Too


The fact is, music is Super Cool n’ Awesome, so it’s about time we start talking about it here in this website, right? I’m glad you agree. I can’t stop talking about music anyway, so there, get ready for an overload of crazy reviews from me! ūüėÄ

I’m gonna start this week with a cd that I just got on my mail today (Yes. I still buy physical cds, and I’m super proud of that). The name of the band is The Neighbourhood¬†who just released their debut album I Love You.¬†on¬†April 22 of this year.

There’s something mysterious and relaxing about their sound that gets you hooked up in trying to figure out what exactly you feel about it (because you don’t know) while you just sit on your couch looking at the ceiling. That’s how I can describe it. Their visual style is very well thought and appropriate, in my opinion. Every graphic, every picture and video are all in black and white, simple and iconic. What could be more intriguing than symbols? Well… press play laying on your couch looking at the ceiling and try to figure out that too.

The first single of the album is the amazing Sweater Weather, that I dare you to listen to it only once (believe me, I tried. It’s impossible. I Got to the absurd of listening to it 15 times in a row).

How about the rest of the album?

Just as awesome a sweater weather itself. (I do love winter)

1. How – They couldn’t start the album in any better way than this. For 10 seconds you wonder if you have really pressed play or not, but yes you did. They’re just building the momentum for what’s up to come.

2. Afraid – Now that you’ve been introduced to what they’re about, they are more¬†comfortable¬†to start the song a little faster and even cuss at you (try to ignore that if you can). The song is awesome though.¬†

3. Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) – I would call these first 3 songs of the album a perfect trilogy. This song, even though it’s bit (I said a bit) slower, it carries the same modern mysterious vibe the first two have been building, and prepare the listener to…

4. SWEATER WEATHER – Well… you’ve heard it in the first video above, right? Masterpiece. brings you to another nostalgic place that you don’t know where it is but you would love to be there (laying on the couch looking at the ceiling try to figure where). And just when you think there’s no way the song would get any better than this, it does at 2:49 of the song, introducing you to an even more chill side of them they show on the album for the first time so far.

5. Let It Go -Wake up again to this. At this point you already know their style, but let’s be a bit more agressive, and this track it’s the closer you get to a little rap (!), but not really.¬†

6. Alleyways – Another switch here. A very heavenly start leads to a quite modern beat to what sounds like an awesome song to just walk on the street exuding power staring at people like “Oh yeah, I walk and stare at you, and I don’t care”. Oh… at 3:08, pause… tie your shoes but dont lose the eye contact, because in a couple seconds…. YOU’LL WALK AGAIN!¬†

7. W.D.Y.W.F.M? – Another heavenly start for what is my second favorite song in the album. The initials stand for “What Do You Want From Me?”, which I answer with a loud “MOOOOOOOOOORE!!!” ;D¬†

8. Flawless РPicks up from where the previous song left off, making it even more passionate to increase the flow of the story. 

9. Female Robbery – Ok… switch again. Now get ready for some haunting and dangerous sound they bring with this track, to a point that if I close my eyes I feel there are ghosts making noises around me. Still a good song.¬†

10. Staying Up – Since we’re talking about haunting sounds, what’s more creepy than after a ghostly song you hear those little baby lullaby music that we hang on cribs for babies to sleep? Don’t worry that’s just the intro, the song picks up.

11. Float – And picks up again. You dont want to finish listening the album in a scary mood right? They didn’t want that for you either, that’s why this song is quite happy and ends on a high note, right before they gently carry you from the couch to your bed to sleep nicely hearing a couple seconds of acoustic guitar and the ocean on the background.



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