Abercrombie & Fitch Gets a Brand Readjustment


Let’s be real, sometimes there are things that just piss you off so much that you have to jump into action, and this week it’s Abercrombie’s turn to feel the wrath of public scorn.

Here’s the story. Business Insider did a story about A&F and their policy not to sell clothes in plus sizes. In the article, they mentioned a 2006 interview with CEO, Mike Jeffries, where he very candidly said that his line of clothes is for cool, thin, attractive kids and anyone else is purposely excluded, which is backed up by the fact that A&F doesn’t sell anything in a size that real people can wear. I guess that interview didn’t get much attention in 2006, but it is now. Let the backlash being.

There have been protests. People have sent clothes back to the retailer with letters of disapproval. But the absolute best idea was started by an LA writer and filmmaker, Greg Karber

Genius! Seriously. What could be better revenge than distributing Abercrombie’s clothes to a group no retailer covets; the homeless. Not only is he doing something good and giving back, he’s also reshaping the brand image from cool and elite to the official brand of homeless apparel in one fell swoop.

I think this is an idea we can get behind, and if you look up #FitchTheHomeless on Twitter you’ll see that it’s catching on. My favorite? “Wishing I had some Abercrombie clothes to donate to the homeless!”  Me too honey, me too.


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