You Can’t Stop US.

WWWWednesdays copy2

As we all know, this week there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon. Instead of going into why someone would do something so despicable, because face it, most of us aren’t crazy enough to understand and never will be, I want to talk about the super cool n’ awesome actions people around the nation are taking.

First are the runners who kept going to donate blood after the race. You are all amazing and an inspiration to all of us. And if they can do it after running 26 miles, we’ve got no excuse.

Then, we have the Google doc going around with a list of people who are offering food, phones, and places to stay. This is amazing. So many people feel completely lost when something like this happens, but having support from total strangers can help them work through their grief.

Next is the Mr. Roger’s quote that’s going around.


Even though he’s gone, Mr. Rogers is still showing us that we should always stay hopeful and be kind.

I’ve also found a number of marathons for Boston, like this one that took place this morning in LA  Runners are a tight-knit group so I’m not at all surprised that they’ve organized these events, but that doesn’t make them any less wonderful for doing it.

Lastly, there are also a lot of people organizing their own events to raise donations, like Pubs for the Hub: An Online Auction for Boston This is being run by a friend of mine and I love the idea. And this is only one of these kinds of events that are happening all over the country.

Our hearts go out to everyone who attended the Boston Marathon. America is very good at coming together in times of crisis, and I’m glad to say that this time is no different. So give you blood, your money or your time and show the people of Boston that we’re here for them and we’ll help them get through this.


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