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Dr. Kermit Gosnell is a person that will soon be infamous, but currently most people have never heard of him.

Gosnell is the former head of two women’s clinics in West Philadelphia, clinics that are now being described as horror houses.

Between 1972 and 2011, he and his staff of mostly untrained medical professionals operated a cash payment only clinic. And although he committed countless atrocities throughout the years, the Philadelphia Public Health Department failed to shut down or even visit his clinic. In fact, local police were investigating his involvement in an illegal drug operation, when they discovered far greater evils.

It was revealed that in addition to issuing illegal drug prescriptions, Gosnell was performing gruesome late term abortions, and a few of his patients had actually died during their visit to the clinic.

As Gosnell now sits on trial there is a lot of finger pointing among staff and public officials, and of course many questions are being raised.

When addressing the biggest question, “how was this allowed to happen?”, the grand jury had this to say: “We think the reason no one acted is because the women in question were poor and of color, because the victims were infants without identities, and because the subject was the political football of abortion”.

The aptly titled “political football” is now being passed back and forth as right wing pundits, such as Fox News, shout of a cover up by the mainstream media*. On the other hand, the liberal media outlets are now scrambling to be the main source of coverage for a story that should have been spotlighted and thoroughly covered, by both sides, from the very beginning.

As for me, I think that whether you’re pro-choice or anti-abortion, whether you think there was a coverup or not, we should all just focus on the basic truth of this story: A man in Philadelphia, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, murdered a large number of innocent women and children. That’s it, that’s the story. Sure there are other factors but that is what we should hone in on. Let us focus on and start our discussions on that fact.

Although this may not occur, instead of fighting with one another about the decisive factors of the situation, I’d like to see us come together. My hope is that we’ll be able to focus on what’s really important and ensure justice for those who were wronged. While there are other things that will need to be addressed, let’s at least start with that.

“Things start out as hopes and end up as habits.”—Lillian Hellman


* I think it’s really dumb when Fox News uses the term “mainstream media” when as of last year they celebrated ten years as the most watched cable news network. In my opinion, You can’t get more mainstream than that. (http://tinyurl.com/foxnewsstats) *


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