Let’s Get It… For Free!!!


This week, we’re going to talk about my favorite F-word. That’s right, Free!!! I LOVE freebies. My friends even make fun of me for it, but I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff just for filling out a form. And I really don’t care that they’re selling my info, that’s what the spam button is for!

logo_bzzagentOne of my favorite sites for free stuff is Bzzagent.com. My good friend (another Michelle) introduced me to this site a few months ago and it’s amazing! You don’t get little samples, they send you full-size products to try out in exchange for reviewing them, and it’s so easy. You take some surveys to see what you qualify for and then you get an email asking if you want to opt-in on an offer. I’ve gotten full boxes of cereal, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, and an oil infuser! And I’ve put up bad reviews and I keep getting to try things.


Another good place is Free Stuff Finder. I follow them on Facebook and they post offers several times a day. It’s usually for something little, like a sample of lotion or a packet of Emergen-C, but it’s still free. They also list a lot of sweepstakes and contests. I don’t think many people enter contests anymore, but I keep winning.

logo-yumyum2And the last free sites I want to share with you don’t give you a thing. They are freekibble.com and freekibblekat.com. This project was started in 2008 by a little girl Mimi with the belief that “Every dog and cat deserves a decent dinner”. Basically you answer a question on each site per day, and regardless if you’re right or wrong, they donate 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters throughout the US. It’s a great cause, and you can sign up for daily reminders so you don’t forget. And be real, you’re already online and a click from you is a meal for a pet.

As always, have a Super Cool n’ Awesome week and go get some free stuff!


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