All We Do Is Win



Hey hey! Another crazy week’s gone by and man, am I tired! This past weekend my bestie got married in Key West, yesterday I went to see Deftones on South Beach, and on Friday my brother and his crew are flying in from Seattle. AND, tomorrow my new Roomba should arrive. I may be more excited about that than anything else. Seriously, the Roomba’s the ish. If you hate cleaning or are allergic to your pets like I am, this thing is a lifesaver!

So I just found out about a really cool event going on at FIU’s Wolfsonian this Friday called All About Graphic Design.


It looks like it’ll be really cool, and at most it’ll cost you ten bucks. I’ll be busy with my fam, but if you have the time and are interested in graphic design or advertising, check it out.

And of course the big news in Miami is The Heat, and for once I’m not talking temperature.


Twenty-three wins in a row is big news. Even people who don’t care about basketball are taking notice. It also helps to bring a community that can sometimes feel very segmented and isolated together, but then again The Heat are great at doing that both on and off the court. Seriously, they are the one team here that’s heavily invested in the people, and specifically the youth, of South Florida. Of course, this record-breaking season just makes people that don’t live here hate Miami more, but to be honest we don’t care. We can’t hear you over all this winning.

Ok everybody, have a great rest of your week and Go Heat!


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