Get to Know Your Whole Foods GMOs

whole foods

One of the pioneers in healthy U.S. eating, Whole Foods Market, has recently announced that by 2018 GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling will be required at all of it’s U.S. and Canada Stores.

“With cases like horse meat discovered in the U.K., plastic in milk in China, the recalls of almond and peanut butter in the U.S., customers have a fundamental right to know what’s in their food.”—Whole Foods Co-Chief Executive Walter Robb.

So instead of picking up tomatoes that are bigger than your head and wondering if they’re just “really big tomatoes”, if you’re at Whole Foods, your question will be answered. Interestingly, there are more than 60 countries where GMO labeling is already the law of the land. But due to little effort in educating the U.S. population and a tremendous amount of anti-labeling lobbyist, it may be a while before we catch up.

Hopefully, Whole Foods will kick off the GMO labeling revolution, but for now, our best options as consumers are Non-GMO Project verified products and certified organic products.

To learn more about the GMO labeling movement watch the video below and visit



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