Doctors Cure an HIV-Positive Baby


Today medical researchers are reporting that they’ve “functionally” cured an infant of HIV.

Approximately two years ago, a baby girl was born pre-maturely and then brought to a rural Mississippi hospital. Upon her arrival, doctors began testing her for HIV and administering a preemptive treatment of aggressive antiretroviral medicine.

However, after she received treatment for about 18 months, the girl’s mother stopped bringing her to the hospital. Her doctors expected her HIV levels to rapidly increase, but when she returned to the hospital 5 months later, the virus was still undetectable.

There are still some unknown variables, but as of now it is being said that her pediatrician, Dr. Hannah Gay, was able to functionally cure her through the early use of the aggressive antiretroviral medicine.

While this is the first case of an infant being “functionally” cured, medical professionals and researchers are hoping to study this case in order to replicate the results.

Today there are about 1,000 babies born each year that are HIV-positive and more than half of them die within year, but perhaps in the near future, this number will be dramatically reduced.



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