Funky, Fresh, and mostly Fried


It’s definitely funky… the food COULD be fresh… and if you’re a real Miamian, you ALREADY know what I’m talking about…

The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair!

BE THERE! THE FAIR! BE THERE! (I know you hate me for doing that… just know that I’m not sorry).

On March 14, FIU students and staff’s worst nightmare opens again! And this time with more food, rides, and fun…


Yet with all the crap all us “southweceros” talk about the Youth Fair, it’s probably one of our favorite times of the year. I mean, who could resist the horribly delicious carnival food, the death-trap rides, and those there-is-no-way-in-hell-that-came-from-a-turkey turkey legs?

You can’t!

And, for just $10 to enter (which is about $40 less than Santa’s Enchanted Forrest) and $30 per person for food (that’s only if you’re a fatty like me), you can have an absolutely amazing time watching all the small Miami children get lost and petting lots of sad, hopeless farm animals!


So if you have never experienced the crazy amazing wonder that is the Dade County Youth Fair then you have from March 14 to the 31st to get your behind in there and eat like there’s no tomorrow!

Have fun! And remember not to weigh yourself afterward!

Sheska Ocasio-Hernandez


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