Poor Lil Tink Tink?


Anyone familiar with Katt Williams knows that his comedy, like that of most other comedians, can be full of exaggerations. However, after hearing his routine about a man with prosthetic legs, who was not going to be allowed to compete in the 2008 Olympics, I had to google the story.

It turned out that Williams’ story, although somewhat embellished, was mostly true, and that the man he referenced is a South African athlete by the name of Oscar Pistorius.

Pistorius, is a double amputee, who was able to motivate himself to not only run races, but to win many of them. However, the 2008 Olympic committee was not allowing him to compete because they saw his prosthetics as an unfair advantage.

To me and many others who heard the story, it seemed like a great injustice and four years later, most people were happy to hear of 2012 Olympic committee’s decision to allow Oscar to compete.

Although he didn’t win a medal in his races, he broke and set many records and it was still a great story of “the triumph of the human spirit”, “the will to win”, and “overcoming adversity”. All of the good things that make great movies and that our parents tell us are good lessons for life.

Pistorius became a media darling, with news organizations, TV shows and brands such as Nike, Oakley, and Thierry Mugler, eager to capitalize on his popularity.

Fame, money, and an adoring public, it was truly a great story.
Until about a week ago.

It has been reported that on February 14, 2013 Oscar Pistorius was accused of shooting his girlfriend and on February 22, 2013 it was confirmed that Pistorius was given bond on the charge of premeditated murder.

(Wait, WHAT! Lil Tink Tink?)

As in most cases like these, the media has soured on Pistorius, public opinion has swayed from love to outrage, and his endorsement deals are vanishing.

Nike, his very well known former supporter, is striving to quickly distance themselves from Pistorius. They’ve removed him from their website and the ad that I’m including below, although full of irony and foreshadowing, will never run anywhere again.



As always, he is still innocent until proven guilty, and as the story unfolds we will probably learn more details about what happened that on that fateful day.

Pistorius’s next court date is set for June 4th 2013 but as of now it does not seem like there will be a happy ending to his story after all.



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