Let’s Cruise



This FUNKY FRESH FRIDAY blog is brought to you by the new MRS. HERNANDEZ!!!

That’s right!

I traded in my last name for one of the most common last names in the Hispanic culture, all in the name of love!

So for this FUNKY FRESH FRIDAY blog I want to talk to you about cruises!

Living in Miami has a ton of benefits… and not all involve illegal substances!

One of the biggest and least appreciated benefits is living so close to the ever-so-popular Port of Miami and Port of Fort Lauderdale!

The closer you live to these ports, the closer you are to the most relaxing and magical vacation in the world – going on a cruise (unless you travel on the Carnival Triumph and like swimming near and around poop).

And If you’ve ever been stuck in a conversation between 5 people talking about how awesome cruises are and you’ve never been in one, I’m happy to tell you that you’re not alone (and this is what you looked like).

So having heard all these wonderous stories about cruises, I was interested in seeing what all the hype was about…

And let me tell you, IT IMPRESSED THE HELL OUT OF ME.

If you ever want to get away without having to worry about all the extra expenses that food and hotel bring – go on a cruise!

It includes everything: pools, games, activities, musical/theater shows, casinos, and even clubs that are open until the crack of dawn!

And trust me when I say that whether you go for 3-days, overnight, or a week long – they are all awesome!!! And most companies give extra discounts to Florida residents!


So the next time you want to have a FUNKY FRESH & FANTASTIC weekend, book yourself a cruise – you won’t regret it.

PS. Royal Caribbean is having an epic sale Monday, Feb. 25 to the 27th – IT’S FATE! GO DO IT!


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