Yellow Dog, Sleep, and a Flip.


Since this blog started my posts have been wacky and weird, so this week I’m focusing on wonderful.

Here’s something pretty wonderful I just learned about. It started on June 27, 2012 and it’s called the Yellow Dog Project.


I could explain it, but their poster does a great job too.


This is brilliant! There are a lot of dogs that have space issues and a lot of people who just love to pet dogs. I don’t blame them, dogs are awesome, but then again I can’t blame a dog for lashing out if someone is bothering them.

Spread the word, especially to kids. If you see a down with something yellow on it, leave that puppy alone.

Another wonderful thing I recently saw is something that seems boring but actually has some great thinking behind it, and it is that the makers of Nyquil came out with a product called zzzquil. Here’s the ad.

Apparently, Nyquil knows you’ve been abusing it and has done something to help you stop. Instead of wanting to take some Nyquil just to fall asleep, take zzzquil and don’t get the medicine you don’t need. Again, brilliant! Yes, it’s a new product and more money for them (they hope), but it also makes you think that just maybe the makers of Nyquil don’t want up hopped up on cold medicine when all we want is some sleep. Go figure?

And finally, I saw something super cool yesterday and you need to watch it. It answers the question; Can a MINI do a flip? Enjoy!


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