Maker’s Mark: It is whatever you say it is.


I’m not really a whiskey drinker myself, but this is a story I think we can all raise a glass too.

As of Sunday, it has been confirmed that the COO of the Maker’s Mark brand has decided against diluting their 58 year old whiskey recipe…with a little nudge in the right direction.

The change was originally proposed due Maker’s Mark’s struggles to keep up with the demand of it’s bourbon. To make matters worse, this supply shortage is occurring while the company is dishing out tens of millions of dollars in expansion costs.

To fix the supply shortage, Maker’s Mark planned to lower the alcohol level of their whiskey.
However, the bourbon fans were not having it.

They unanimously took to social media outlets to protest the change and let their voices be heard. They let the brand know that they, like most people, choose quality over quantity.

And so, if we choose too, you and I can enjoy Maker’s Mark bourbon the way it’s supposed to be. All because these people decided to say, “when it comes to this, I Give A Damn”.

Let’s hope this expands to other things as well, but for now, in their honor I propose whiskey shots all around



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