It’s Getting Cold


Happy Friday! Hope you had a Super Cool n’ Awesome week. Sheska’s on her honeymoon cruise (luckily it wasn’t THAT cruise), so I’ll be filling in for her again.


Hey Miami! Grab you’re sweaters this weekend, it’s gonna get cold!!! Yea, every other state will once again laugh at us bundling up, but it’s supposed to get down to the 40s, and while it’s a refreshing change, that’s freezing here.


There’s a lot going on in town too. Zoo Miami was supposed to have it’s annual Sex and the Animals yesterday, but because of the rain it’s postponed until Sunday. I heard Ron Magill on the radio today and he said there were 30 tickets available. My sister went last year and it was so much fun her and the hubs are going again. You’ll learn things like the blue whale is the animal with the largest penis. How could you LIVE without that knowledge?


Another cool event going on this weekend is Art Wynwood. According to their website, “Art Wynwood 2013 will feature 70 international galleries featuring emerging, cutting edge, contemporary and modern works and will have its own distinct identity and design.“ It sounds like it’ll be a good chance to see a lot of different work and you’ll be able to enjoy walking around in the cooler weather. And if you get bored, cross the bridge to Miami Beach and you can go to the Miami International Yacht & Brokerage Show and see multimillion-dollar yachts we all hope to one day afford.


Now there’s no excuse for your weekend to be So Crappy n’ Awful. Make it Super Cool n’ Awesome!!!



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