Reports are in from various news outlets that Apple’s newest gadget will be…a watch. I can’t speak for others, but I have to say, this seems pretty underwhelming.

Apparently the watch is supposed to feature smart technology with easy portability. But, isn’t that what the iPhone and iPad do, and isn’t the iPad mini supposed to do this even better?

I’ll be honest, I was a big Apple supporter during the early days of the iPod and the first three iPhones. However, it seems that the last couple of years, Apple has fallen off.

They’ve released “upgrades” to products that hardly seem to improve them at all. These so called improvements seem to only serve as a great way to charge people a lot of money and raise revenue. Smart business plan, but definitely not innovative.

There was a time when Apple product announcements were exciting and revolutionary. Although, it seemed a little eccentric, I could understand why some people would choose to wait in line for the newest Apple gadget. Now, it just seems silly.

With a saturated smart phone market, it makes sense to try to tap into something else, but to me this doesn’t seem like the way to go. Especially when their top competitor is working on something like the Google Glass concept.

Who knows, maybe I’m wrong and this will be: the greatest thing Apple has ever made, or it could be like the Apple TV. An interesting idea, but nevertheless, a product that doesn’t really need to be made.



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