Meet Ferdi Rodriguez

scp ferdi

There once was a boy, named Ferdi
who really liked to doodle
he loved all kinds of dogs,
but never understood poodles?

He was destined for great things
and he definitely knew it.
Until he decided to study Accounting
that’s when he thought he blew it.

He worked for a year or two
and discovered a second chance.
He could pick, Miami Ad School
or the Center for Modern Dance?

He searched high and low,
and deep inside his soul.
Until he found the answer
somewhere he would never know.

He decided Ad School
was the place for him to go.
And now he will invite you to
the Ferdi Rodriguez Show.

976d6b52a3c8870b079bef142e8fce9d d34921c528b89fe8a0e3a3cddfb0c524See the full campaign at

NYPL Underground Library

Ferdi’s Stand Up


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