That’s Just Weird

dog shaming

Wuzzup peeps, it’s Wednesday again. WOOOOO!!! Can you feel the excitement? I freaking love Wednesdays, even got married on one 😉

This week I wanted to share something that I think is really weird with you. That’s right, we’re going to discuss a slightly confusing Internet phenomenon: dog shaming.

By now you’ve probably seen at least one picture of some poor dog with a sign around his neck, and while I agree that animals need discipline, this is crazy.


Poor puppy 😦  So what if he eats socks, does anyone in their right mind think that putting a sign around his neck makes him think anything except, “I really wish I didn’t have this sign around my neck”? I had a friend whose dog liked to eat the crotch out of panties, and you know how they solved that problem? They stopped being nasty and leaving their panties on the floor!

I guess the sign might make the owner feel better, but guess what? It totally doesn’t work on your dog. Here’s an episode from one of my favorite shows, Nova ScienceNow. In the first segment they experiment to see if dogs actually feel guilty or are just responding to the tone of your voice, and guess what? It’s your tone.

And if you’re mad at your dog and are online anyway, why go to all the work to make a sign, put it on your dog, take a pic, upload it… Sounds like a lot of hassle to me, especially when you can see a duck in a cup, platypuses wearing fedoras, or a saucy little Pikachu. That cheers me up way more than shaming the dog.

tumblr_lyeaooLOs31qcse2po1_500 27334227298 i-pikachu-when-you-re-naked

So until next week, don’t forget:


Michelle Bielecki


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