Your Monday Pick Me Up

pick me up mondays

Welcome to the first ever G-A-D report, written by the one and only Give-A-Damn Repairman.

I’d like to start off on a positive note, so this entry will be a Monday Pick Me Up featuring the incredibly cool and inspiring pep talk delivered by Kid President.

The video has over 7 million views on Youtube, so I think you may have already seen it. But who cares, this video deserves a first, second, or even third view.

With lines like “You got a heartbeat, that means it’s time to do something” and “We were made to be awesome”, he reinforces the idea of wisdom from the mouth of babes.

Even if the KP didn’t write any of his lines, his delivery is really great, and we all know most presidents use speech writers from time to time

With that being said, if you haven’t seen the video watch it, love it, and learn from it. If you have, well no one’s ever been hurt by being too inspired to greatness (don’t quote me on that) so, watch it again.

KP 2016.

IGAD (I Give-A-Damn)

Judson Jean-Mary


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