Meet Yachin Parham

scp yachin

I am a freelance photographer born and raised in Miami by a single mother, in the inner city, with dreams of living a life that was far different from the one I knew. My creativity as a child was expressed through music and it was not until about three years ago that I chose photography as my creative outlet. I was at a crossroads in my life, I did not know what my passion was. One day I picked up a camera in my aunt’s office, snapped some photos and from then on my camera became an appendage. Within a few months of shooting I felt the quality of my work was at a professional level, so I did some test shoots for NEXT modeling agency.

It was then that I got the news that my skills were not up to industry standards and the booker advised me to attend Miami Ad School and hone my photographic skills. I was devastated; however, enrolling in Miami Ad School was one the best decisions I ever made. While there, I had the most amazing mentors who really helped me learn photography and understand that this was my calling.

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