Right Reverend Robert Running Raven

reverend raven

Now repeat the title of this post 5 times really fast!

That’s the official name for our friend Raven when he is invited to marry happy couples who runs with him on the sands of Miami South Beach. Obviously, Raven’s  super cool n’ Awesome favorite stalkers Mary Beth Koeth and Laura Lee Patterson Huttenbach were there to record the moment and write the story.

Running With Raven Update Eight: Right Reverend Robert Running Raven from Mary Beth Koeth on Vimeo.


Reverend Raven by Laura Lee Patterson Huttenbach

The bride, “Extra,” wore a short taffeta mocha dress and sparkly high heels. The groom, “Molder,” wore a grey suit with a blue Oxford and a yellow striped tie. The Reverend wore a fringed black leather jacket, black denim jeans, and a homemade black shoelace belt. In his left pocket sat a clergy card that read: “This is to certify that the bearer hereof is ordained by the Universal Life Church. Robert Raven Kraft, Ordained: October 6, 2009.”

That’s right. In addition to being a songwriter, streak runner, and South Beach institution, Raven is a card-carrying ordained minister. He removed the card from his pocket and passed it to me. “White Lightning, I’ve showed you this before, haven’t I?” I nodded. “Yeah, Creve took care of everything for me online when he asked me to marry him and Hollywood Flasher.” Today was actually the second wedding that Raven would officiate… (READ MORE)


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