Meet Wallace Cruz

scp wallace

My journey as a Graphic Designer probably started when I grabbed a pencil for the first time but it became official in 2007 when graduated college in Brazil, where I was born. Moved to Miami that same year to become an Art Director at Miami Ad School and today my career extended to being a videographer at Miami’s social media advertising agency The brpr Group.

My first exposure to advertising was at a local agency in Recife, Brazil, creating ads, illustrations, inside pages and covers of magazines and newspapers, branding, and advertising campaigns, political campaigns, websites layouts, packaging, image manipulation, presentations, and even teaching a “Theory Of The Colors” class. In November 2006 I was hired by one of the most renowned companies of communication in Pernambuco, Brazil to work on broadcast TV, where creating videos became my biggest passion.

Some of my greatest accomplishments so far include a finalist cover for Advertising Age magazine in 2012, and a documentary film to be released in 2013.

Ultimately, I want to focus my career on making things that are beautiful, entertaining, and that uniquely enhances the viewer’s experience. I believe that everyday is a new chance to learn more and get better.


Finalist cover for Advertising Age Magazine in 2012


Poster for upcoming documentary movie “Unstoppable”, with Mary Beth Koeth |


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