Logos Change, Get Over It

WWWW1 American

Welcome to Wild, Wacky, and Wonderful Wednesdays with me, Michelle Bielecki. From now on, once a week I’ll be with you discussing the news of the day, entertainment, art, music, and anything else I think is cool. I’m going to start this week with a post I found on a very funny website, thecreativeconfessional.comImageNow, I can hear you screaming already and for real, you need to knock it off. Companies change logos all the time, and I think American’s change is well timed. We’re dealing with a company who desperately needs to improve their negative public image, and a new logo might help their employees visualize the changes the company needs to make.

Another thing now one seems to remember is that there are tons of companies who have changed their logos. Take a look at this:


Or how about this?


I think we can agree that these logos have vastly improved over the years, and have nothing in common with the travesty that was the new Gap logo. So seriously, lay off American. They needed to adjust their image and hopefully this new logo will legitimately help improve their company and the level of service they provide us.


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