2013 Raven Run Swimsuit Calendar

raven calendar
Last year, SCnA’s Mary Beth Koeth, Laura Lee Patterson Huttenbach and Wallace Cruz started a KICKSTARTER project to raise funds for a documentary film and a book about Raven, a man who runs 8 miles a day, every day on the sand of Miami Beach. The movie is on production right now, as well as the book, but the incentives for those who supported the projects are here.
As promised to te $500 Kickstarter backers, the 2013 Limited Edition Raven Run Swimsuit Calendar is complete! This calendar features models who run with the Raven and make up the unique and diverse community that Raven has cultivated in the sands of South Beach during his 37-year streak. We hope it gives you a sense of this special group of individuals.

Raven Run Swimsuit Calendar Sneak Peek from Mary Beth Koeth on Vimeo.

If you’re not a $500 backer but would like to order a calendar, they are available for purchase here: ORDER YOUR CALENDAR!


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